The Boy in the Clouds

The Boy in the Clouds

Wetfootmusic is proud to be the UK distributor for the brand new children’s book:

The first in the trilogy “The Boy in the Clouds” is a fantasy adventure book for children/teenagers.

A Swedish story written by Sven Nilsson and translated into English by Vicki Swan
Peter is having a tough time just now. On the way with his family to his summer holiday he managed to fall out of the plane and land on the clouds. Lucky for him, you might think, but how to get back down to the ground again? Together with Jacob the shepherd, Princess Julia and her chambermaid Anna, Peter goes out into Cloudland to find his way home and to stop the evil powers that are trying to stop the rain…

Cover artwork: Mikhail Greuli

Children/Youth Book age 10 upwards. The next Harry Potter
Price(GBP): £9.99

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